There’s a special piece of apparel available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons right now, and it’ll only be there for a limited time. It’s a shirt that features a tomato on it, which no doubt has some fans wondering what’s going on. Turns out this shirt has been added to celebrate a special event in Spain!

The La Tomatina festival is an event held every year in Spain, and it includes the people of the Valencian town Buñol having a massive food fight with one another. The thing is, the only food being thrown is tomatoes! It seems Nintendo is well aware of the tradition, which is why they’ve added a special shirt to celebrate it in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Hop in the game right now and you can grab a shirt with a tomato and the word “tomate” on it. Just make sure you grab the apparel before August 31st, 2022, as that’s when La Tomatina takes place!

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2y ago

Not playing the game, but a friend is maxing the game out without timetravel, this is apparently the second to last item before it completes the savefile, kinda crazy ammount of content from the sound of it(even if it lacks nesgames).