There’s going to be a whole new reason for you to jump back into Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt. The dev team behind the game has announced the Cretaceous Terror Pack DLC, and it’s available on Switch right now.

Cretaceous Terror Pack features two new terrifying and deadly theropods for you to hunt or die trying. The Giganotosaurus was one of the largest dinosaurs to roam Earth, but despite its gargantuan size, the beast was twice as fast as its distant relation, the Tyrannosaurus Rex – and only half as smart. Giganotosaurus makes lakes its hunting grounds and tends to move in circular patterns, so bear that in mind while planning your approach.

Next is the Carnotaurus, another distant relation of the Tyrannosaurus Rex that’s even deadlier than both its famous cousin and the Giganotosaurus. Two distinct horns above its eyes distinguish the Carnotaurus from other theropods, not that you’ll have much time to admire them. Carnotaurus can move at speeds of 35 mph and quickly take down their prey, so prepare carefully before hunting this one.

The Cretaceous Terror Pack DLC is available for Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt right now, and it’s priced at $4. The DLC takes up just 3 MB of space.

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