SMITE’s biggest event of the year, the Odyssey: Soaring Isles begins today! For over three months, players can explore ten mythological territories, the Soaring Isles, adrift high in the sky. Each isle is themed around a specific God, such as Merlin, Odin, and Cthulhu. There are dozens of voyages to undertake and even more quests to fulfill.

SMITE Odyssey is a recurring event that provides many high-quality God skins at a great value through exclusive bundles and the Buy-All feature, discounted this year to 8,500 instead of 12,750 Gems for the first two weeks. Before the end of 2022, more than twenty all-new skins will be released through the Odyssey: Soaring Isles. Starting today, six new skins are already available as bundles or collection rewards. Players can use the Buy All option to instantly unlock them, including the ultimate reward, the Crow of Torment Unlimited Tier 5 skin for Hades, the Greek King of the Underworld.

In-game, the mere presence of Crow of Torment Hades reshapes the entire battleground, as ominous swarms of crows constantly circle in the darkened red sky above – a bone-chilling warning to those who oppose him. Crow of Torment Hades’ model evolves as he levels up, growing massively from a sinister lich to a giant humanoid raven with jagged wings and an overgrown arm ending as a crow’s foot. This monstrous new form includes a completely unique new set of animations and new tar-like black effects.


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