Following today’s massive drop of Splatoon 3 video features, some new details have been shared on the game. Nothing absolutely massive, but plenty of interesting tidbits you might want to know leading into launch. If you’re hungry for every little detail about Splatoon 3 you can suck up prior to launch, check out the info below!

  • there are over 25 weapon sets, with every weapon type from the previous game returning
  • Your Smallfry Little Buddy is available to use in the single-player mode
  • Smallfry is not available in every Hero Mode level
  • you can throw Golden Eggs in Salmon Run
  • Salmon Run has a new boss called the Mud Mouth, and you have to fill its mouth with tons of ink to destroy it
  • in Salmon Run, there’s a specific enemy that has a machine that you can fill with Golden Eggs to launch them towards the basket
  • Seasonal Trends will be completely gone when a new season comes in
  • ‘Swim form’ is the new name for the Squid/Octo form
  • Shiver identifies as female and uses she/her pronouns
  • the usual Turf War spawn point is gone, and now you launch in from the sky
  • you’ll get accolades at the end of each Turf War even if you lose
  • Table Turf Battle is a mode exclusive to single-player battles against the CPU at launch
  • a free update will come later that’ll let you play Table Turf Battle against humans

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