Bravery & Greed comes to Switch Fall 2022

Braving the Fall 2022 lineup

24 August 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Bravery & Greed was announced for Switch just last month, and at that time, the game was given a nebulous 2022 release date. While we still don’t have a specific date to share, we do have something more solid. Those interested in Bravery & Greed can look forward to grabbing it on Switch sometime in Fall 2022.

Evoking classic adventure video games of the 1980s and 1990s, Bravery & Greed offers four classes to choose from; the agile Rogue, the valiant Warrior, the eccentric Wizard, and the mighty Amazon, each with their own unique skills and abilities to help them survive long enough to loot everything (and anything) they can get their hands on. Bravery & Greed features several unique game modes for players to jump into including Adventure mode – a traditional campaign with a variety of environments and enemies for players to tackle; Horde mode – an increasing challenge with waves of unrelenting enemies; and PvP modes for players to settle their grudges in head-to-head combat.

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