Watch Pikachu come to life with Mattel’s new MEGA Pokémon Motion Pikachu building set! Assemble this highly detailed model of the popular Electric-type Pokémon for an undeniably adorable result. However, its charming looks are only half the fun. Turn the hand-activated crank on the side of the model’s base to see Pikachu animate with an authentic running motion. The little Pokémon’s legs and feet charge forward as its tail swings and its head bobs. An animated rocky path built into the base helps to convey a sense of motion.

The base is further decorated with stylized lightning bolts that complement the crackling electricity cascading off Pikachu’s cheeks and the interchangeable nameplate that lets you display Pikachu’s name in either English or Japanese.

There are 1,095 bricks and pieces in the set, and the finished Pikachu measures 8.9 inches long. It’s a fun build, and the intricate nature of the mechanics provides a bit of a challenge. The set is recommended for ages 12 and up, so younger Pokémon fans might need some help with assembling it.

You can pick up the MEGA Pokémon Motion Pikachu building set at select retailers today, or you can pick it up from Mattel’s online shop for $100.

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