Japanese retail listings have revealed that Entergram will release a Switch version of dazkarat-developed otome visual novel Majestic Majolical. The title is set to release in Japan on December 22nd, 2022 for 8,228 yen. A limited edition will also be available for 9,870 yen, and it includes a voice drama CD and a drama CD reprint.

You can see a story synopsis for Majestic Majolical below.

The magician Lapis is the youngest daughter of the distinguished Idocrase family. Her parent’s and four brothers are all elites with great magical power. However Lapis only has lower than ordinary magical abilities, she spends everyday at magic school getting ridiculed as the “Burden of the Idocrase Family.” In order to go to a higher school she challenges a certain test.

The details are to gather the ‘Twinkle Gem’ that is created from a strong “feeling” in a humans heart. And so Lapis goes to the human world in high spirits, where a bunch of hard to deal with men are waiting for her.

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