The gothic horror dating sim ‘Mask of the Rose’ was originally slated to launch Q3 2022, which would put it in the July/August/September timeframe. Unfortunately, that Q3 release isn’t happening anymore, and neither is a release in 2022 at all.

The developers behind Mask of the Rose have revealed that the title has been pushed back all the way to April 2023. You can see the team’s explanation for the delay in the message below.

This month we have an update about Mask of the Rose’s user interface, but first, we have some news about the release date. Unfortunately, we’ve decided to delay release until April 2023.

Lately, we’ve been seeing signs of an over-tight schedule: mounting stress levels, team members becoming reluctant to take time off.

In this situation, there are three things we could do in principle. We could ask our team to put in significant overtime to meet the current schedule, but it’s important to us to provide a good workplace where everyone has time for personal and family life. We could cut features and parts of the story, releasing a game that didn’t fully meet our intentions and ambitions. Our sense, though, is that our players and backers would rather get the game later in its best state, rather than sooner in a worse form. So that leaves us with the third option, moving back the schedule.

We don’t expect to move the release again, and we’ll have a specific date for you in the next few months. We hope you’ll bear with us for a little longer.

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