Yes, you read that title right, a game for the Nintendo Entertainment System is being developed as you read this. Malasombra started development in 2018 by the team 4MHz and they’ve been working very hard to bring their most ambitious project yet to the NES.

The team just announced during Gamescom that they are planning on releasing Malasombra during the second quarter of 2023 and they even shared some gameplay from a playable demo they had during the event, don’t miss it in the video above.

If you want to know even more about this game, keep reading for the synopsis and don’t forget to follow their Twitter for all the future updates regarding their development


In a beautiful, faraway place, the celebration of the royal wedding between Astrid, the princess of the kingdom, and Pirou, a young apprentice magician, is cut short by the irruption of Malasombra, a sorcerer with a grudge against the king for condemning him to banishment some time ago due to his perfidious advice.

Malasombra turned everyone present into a toad except for Pirou, who managed to repel the spell with his lusty apprentice wizard’s wand, and kidnapped Astrid, as revenge for so many years of suffering in exile.

Pirou could not leave things as they were, so he set out on a desperate search for a way to get his beloved back.

[Nintenderos, 4mhz Official Website]

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