Expand your Poké Ball collection with a new trio from The Wand Company: premium Premier Ball, Dusk Ball, and Ultra Ball replicas are now available at the Pokémon Center. These replicas are highly accurate, with finely detailed metal shells and beautiful painted finishes.

Not only do these Poké Balls look terrific, but they also have interactive electronics that enhance their realism! When you open its display case, multicolored lights begin to shine under the Poké Ball. The touch-sensitive nameplate on the display case allows you to activate the platform’s lights as well. Each Poké Ball also has proximity sensors that make its power button glow brighter as your hand approaches.

The Premier Ball, Dusk Ball, and Ultra Ball are all available to purchase right now for $100 each. If you’d like to pick one (or all!) up, you can find them through this link.

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