We’re less than two weeks away from the launch of Splatoon 3. It’s crazy how fast time flies, isn’t it? Splatoon 2 hit the scene back in July 2017, and over 5 years later, we’re about to see what the third installment has to offer. We got a small taste thanks to the Splatoon 3 Splatfest World Premiere demo, but the main course holds a lot more to enjoy!

To hold you over for the remaining 11 days, Nintendo has shared yet another promo video for Splatoon. Once again, this is a lengthy feature that goes over multiple areas of Splatoon 3. The video is Japanese-only for now, but you should have quite an easy time parsing what’s going on. That said, there should be a translated version coming in the very near future, which will no doubt clear up any confusing moments.

Set aside 7 minutes and give the trailer a watch, as it’ll showcase some new story tidbits and cut-scenes, along with a heaping helping of gameplay action. If you weren’t already pumped for Splatoon 3, this latest video should definitely do the trick!

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