G-MODE revealed that G-MODE Archives+: Megami Tensei Gaiden: Shinyaku Last Bible II - Hajimari no Fukuin is coming to Nintendo Switch in Japan, priced at 1,800 yen. No release date was given.

This RPG was originally released in August 2008 in Japan for mobile phones, a sequel to the first game, “Megami Tensei Gaiden: Shinyaku Last Bible,” which is already available on the Switch.

About the game (translated using Google Translate):

The “Megami Tensei Gaiden Last Bible” series incorporates a fantasy taste into the deep world view of the “Megami Tensei” series, and is positioned as a side story that is a bit different from the conventional series. This work is a completely original work that can only be distributed and played on feature phones.

The stage of this work is Horus, a star of despair where plagues and magical beasts are rampant. The mad king Cain, who lays tyranny, and the holy king Abel who tries to resist it. One day, the two kings declare to the people. “The child of the gospel will appear with light and bring about change in the world.”

Compared to the previous work, the volume of the scenario has more than doubled, and the types of enemies, items, and magic have increased significantly. Negotiate with monsters that stand in your way as enemies, and if you succeed, the series’ annual “Fellow Demon System” will lend you power. It is possible to give Enjoy a profound story with your unique friends and companions.

G-MODE Archives is a series that started in April 2020, where they port their old mobile games to the Nintendo Switch to preserve them. After that, they announced G-MODE Archives+, which includes mobile games from third-party companies.

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