Today marks the 5th anniversary of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle releasing, and Ubisoft has chosen this occasion to reveal a fantastic tidbit about the title. From launch up to this very day, over 10 million unique players have decided to give Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle a go. That’s quite a success, considering how outside the norm this genre was for Mario!

Ubisoft doesn’t give a split for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle when it comes to actual units sold versus those who played the game via the Switch Online Free Game Trial, but there’s no doubt the vast majority jumped in on the game with an actual purchase. There’s no doubt some made that purchase after having a go at the Free Game Trial as well!

This is all fantastic news as we’re hot on the heels of Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, which comes to Switch on Oct. 20th, 2022. There’s no doubt millions of Kingdom Battle fans will flock to the sequel as soon as it launches, as everything about the follow-up is looking bigger and better than the original!

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2y ago

Mario + players hits 10 million unique rabbids. I started the game but fell off after a couple of hours. I should probably try again.