Control originally saw release back in August of 2019, but a Cloud version of the game eventually made its way to Switch in October 2020. That’s given Switch owners more than enough time to get in on the unique experience Control offers, and there’s no doubt some who’ll be happy to help developer Remedy Entertainment celebrate the game’s 3-year anniversary.

Remedy has lined up multiple ways to celebrate Control’s 3rd anniversary, and that includes an opportunity for you to get involved! If you’ve ever wanted to ask Courtney Hope (Jesse Faden) and / or Sean Durrie (Dylan Faden) a question, now’s your chance. You can submit a video question for Courtney and / or Sean to answer, and a handful will be answered/shared in a “Fans Ask the Fadens” community video. You have until Sept. 1st, 2022 to submit your video question, and the answers will be presented sometime at the end of September.

Along with that, there’s a special Photo Mode/Fan Art opportunity as well. If you’ve got a piece of fan art you want to share or a screenshot you’re really proud of, you can use this link to upload your creation. You might see it used by Remedy on their various social media platforms, or on the company’s site.

Finally, Remedy and 505 shared a special message with fans to thank them for supporting Control. You can see that quick message in full below.

We say it all the time, but thank you. Your continued show of support means everything to the team at Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games. Little did we know that we’d still have a super active community, screaming and shouting about how much they love Control, 3 years after launch.

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