The 7th season of Knockout City has arrived, and as we detailed last week, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a part of the action! This time around, they’re putting away their weapons and picking up some dodgeballs for a different kind of combat!

Deep, deep, DEEP under the streets of Knockout City, a new kind of brawler is bubbling to the surface. What started as a rumor of glowing eyes, squishy footsteps, and muffled snarls from sewer grates is growing into a revolution of massive proportions. The Mutants are here, and they want justice.

It’s a new Season of Knockout City – a new day for brawlers everywhere to discover new cosmetics, battle it out in a new dodgebrawl map, and meet some legendary mutants along the way.

Of course, a new season brings with it a new Brawl Pass as well. You can check out the Mutant Mutiny Brawl Pass trailer below to see what coughing up some cash will get you.

For complete details on Season 7, including the arrival of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, make sure to check out the official Knockout City website.

Along with that, one of the starts of Mutant Mutiny has released a 6-song album to celebrate the season’s start, and you can stream the whole thing for free via the embed above!

It’s the gorgeous gurgle you’ve grown to love. The Ooey Gooey Man who’s makin’ record time up the Top 20 charts of Knockout City. Introducing the slimiest sultry singer this side of the sewers, now in studio quality for the first time ever… It’s Goober, star of Knockout City: Mutant Mutiny!

The Mutants’ happy-goo-lucky brawler pal is bubbling over with passion for classic jazz, and now he’s making his big debut with his very own jazz EP, courtesy of Rat’em and Blues Records! Featuring hit singles “That’s Knockout City, Baby!”, “Brawling in the Moonlight”, and “Where Do I Roll To Now”, there’s a goopy groove for every occasion.

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