While many Witcher 3 secrets have been unearthed, it appears there’s still a handful left for players to discover. As of today, we can take one more off of that list.

This secret in particular pertains to The Witcher III: Wild Hunt and the Blood and Wine expansion. In this expansion, players can take on the The Warble of a Smitten Knight quest, which focuses on Vivienne. Vivienne has been cursed to look like a bird, but Geralt can work to lift that curse. Once doing so, Geralt warns Vivienne that even though the curse is lifted, she’ll only live as long as a bird would.

After this quest, Vivienne can be found on Skellige. From here, if the player fast-forwards time seven years through meditation, you’ll see that Vivienne has now passed away at Kaer Trolde Harbour in Yennefer’s room. Philipp Weber of CD Projekt Red confirmed that this is indeed an Easter egg, and it’s one of the last to be found in the game.

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