A fourth character trailer for The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure has been released, and it profiles two more faces you’ll come across in the game. Check out the trailer above, and then read profiles for both Rixia Mao and Alex Dudley below.

Rixia Mao

Rixia Mao is a performing artist for the troupe Arc en Ciel and the current successor of the title of Yin, the designation given to a legendary assassin from Calvard over a century ago which has been passed down to inheritors in a chain of succession ever since.

Alex Dudley

Alex Dudley is a detective for the Crossbell Police Department. As the Special Agent in Charge of the First Division, Dudley has both an incredibly bright mind as well as exceptional skills with an orbal gun. His strong sense for justice makes him incredibly proud and determined to never lose.


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