Red Art Games has decided to delay OmegaBot’s release, and at the very last second. OmegaBot was meant to hit the Switch today, but instead, we’re going to have to wait until January 20th, 2023 to pick it up. At least there’s a silver lining here, as Red Art Games has now confirmed that a physical release is in the works. For those curious, Red Art said the delay was necessary to give the dev team ‘ample time’ to add some polish.

OmegaBot is a tight action side-scroller with challenging robotic bosses. As the OmegaBot, dodge metallic dangers, acquire powerful weapons and blast your way through a ravaged world full of deadly machines. In OmegaBot, running out of energy means death.

Avoid various traps and deadly obstacles by using your weapons and abilities. Make your way through metallic forests, ruins of futuristic cities and other environments. And step away from the beaten path in order to find hidden secrets and maybe even new friends who will help you vanquish the curse that has stricken the land.

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