Inti Creates has announced that a new round of DLC is now available for Azure Striker Gunvolt 3. As of today, the EX Image Pulses Elise & Asroc DLC pack is up for grabs. This DLC includes 11 new Image Pulses overall, with 4 Skill Image Pulses for Gunvolt 1’s Elise, 4 Skill Image Pulses for Gunvolt 2’s Asroc, and 3 new Passive Image Pulses. Best of all, the DLC pack is available for free for the next two weeks! After that, the DLC will be priced at $2.


Along with that, Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 will be getting more free DLC in the form of Epilogue ATEMS featuring ZedΩ. You can get official details on that content below.

Leader of the mysterious ATEMS organization, ZedΩ controls the infinite power of the sun with his Septima “Golden Trillion.”

An upcoming update to Gunvolt 3 will add a new story mode, “Epilogue ATEMS,” starring ZedΩ himself. Featuring the voice talents of Casey Mongillo, Epilogue ATEMS will feature ZedΩ as a brand-new playable character, complete with new story content taking place after the events of the main Gunvolt 3 story.

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2y ago

hmm, did i miss pack 1, or wasnt pack 1 free at all?