Mozart Requiem now available on Switch

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06 September 2022
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GS2 Games has revealed that the Baroque murder mystery “Mozart Requiem” is now available on Switch. This includes both a digital and physical release, and you can check out a launch trailer for the game above.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: famous Baroque composer, integral figure in the history of music – and murderer? That’s the question on everyone’s mind after the renowned musician becomes entangled in a deadly plot in Mozart Requiem.

Prague 1788. Mozart, nearing the peak of his career, prepares for the glorious debut of his Don Giovanni in the heart of the Golden City when the unthinkable happens. Sinister forces plot to dethrone Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor and Mozart’s patron, and pluge the realm into chaos. Suspicion soon falls upon Mozart himself, who must turn his prodigious intellect away from music and devote his genius to unravelling the deadly conspiracy that has the city in its grasp.Caught between a war of powers and occult ceremonies, you will have only one mission: to save the Emperor. Will you be up to the task?

Mozart Requiem deftly weaves fiction and historical fact, bringing its opulent vision of Prague to life with careful attention to detail and modeling it on extant 18th century maps of city. While this particular calamity didn’t occur during Joseph II’s reign, Mozart, his contemporaries, and other key events that unfold are also drawn from historical records.

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