Bandai Namco has released an absolute ton of Kirby merch throughout the years, and somehow they keep coming up with fresh ideas. This time around, Bandai has decided to spotlight one of Kirby’s many frenemies, Waddle Dee, with a very unique product.

Premium Bandai Japan has revealed a USB-powered Waddle Dee heating plush toy, and it’s set to launch sometime in December 2022. Yes, this is a plus version of Waddle Dee that heats up, and takes roughly 30 minutes to do so. You can expect it to get as warm as 114° Fahrenheit, which is pretty toasty! All heating is done through the USB plug, and the plush will automatically shut off after an hour of use to keep things safe.

The USB-powered Waddle Dee heating plush toy will be priced at roughly $40. There’s no word on an official release outside of Japan at this time.

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