The next patch for Into the Breach hasn’t released on Switch yet, but it’s coming very soon. We’ll share the release date info with you when it becomes available, but for now we have the complete patch notes. You can read what the game’s next update has to offer below.

  • New music from Ben Prunty! Two new tracks!
  • Improved save file backup system to prevent data loss
  • Fixed: Bonus Objectives were being improperly blocked for some missions, resulting in bad combinations
  • Enemies that are supposed to not overlap should no longer spawn together (Blobbers + Spiders, etc.)
  • Fixed some prediction UI and consistency to weapon effects in corner cases
  • Miner Inconvenience will no longer count mountain destruction twice
  • Spiderlings are now “Minor” enemies – they will not receive Psion bonuses and do not count towards objectives ‘kills’
  • Vek Hormones will now stack with Enrage Shot, contributing its bonus damage when Enraging an enemy
  • Can no longer Enrage frozen enemies
  • Closer / Opener / Conservative will correctly apply their bonuses as soon as the pilot levels up
  • Fixed: Could not select Invulnerable pilots if they died the same battle as starting a new Timeline
  • Fixed: Conservative Pilots would sometimes continue giving their ability post-death
  • Void Shocker will not count hitting a rock as hitting a unit
  • Fixed: On “Fast” Combat Speed, enemies could push corpses from previous turns into things
  • Spider Psion eggs will not longer fall on Time Pods
  • Adrenaline Pilot Skill will now correctly count multi-kill turns
  • Fixed some maps that could create trapped units
  • Fixed some problems with touch UI tooltips
  • Void Shocker will not longer effect Bot enemies
  • Can now Enrage and Control the VIP Trucks and Mine-Bots
  • Fixed some issues with notifications for Pilot Death / Pilot Level Up
  • Repair Platforms now repair 10 damage (fully repairing any Mech) instead of 4
  • “Feed the Flames” achievemnet will no longer count enemy or environment attacks
  • Spider Boss will no longer spawn outside of its mission (only works on its mission)
  • Technician Perk will correctly count towards the “Stay With Me” achievement
  • Secret Squad Pilots will no longer receive the “Invulnerable” or the “Popular Hero” skills
  • More tooltip, minor rendering, and text issues fixed

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