For fans of physical formats, there are all sorts of options available. You can pick up the latest movies on DVD or Blu-ray, grab records on vinyl or CD, and of course, purchase games on discs or game cards. Can you guess which format is currently raking in the most money in the UK? If you haven’t read the title, then the answer may surprise you1


Yes, believe it or not, the Switch is currently the most profitable ‘format’ for entertainment releases in UK. With the insane amount of movies and TV shows out there, you’d think DVD/Blu-ray would still come out on top, but the difference in both price and popularity between those formats and Switch is just too great to overcome.

Honestly, I think the real story here is vinyl, which comes in second place overall. All physical entertainment formats have dropped in this digital age, but the fact that vinyl came back from the brink of death to being this successful is absolutely wild. Vinyl alive and more than well in 2022…what a time to be alive!

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2y ago

I knew there was an uptick in Vinyl but didn’t realise by that much.