Dauntless is set to updated to Version 1.11.4 tomorrow, September 8th, 2022. Ahead of that update, the full patch notes have been shared. Get a look at what’s coming in tomorrow’s update below.

Fenroar & Earthshaper Fenroar

Hunt down Fenroar, the evolved version of Sporestruck Embermane. This Behemoth has a set of earth-shaking new attacks that give it full control over the battlefield. Slayers, beware! Earthshaper Fenroar – its dire version – brings an even deadlier challenge to the Shattered Isles. Defeat the Fenroar and the Earthshaper Fenroar to start crafting the Stonewood armour set and Fenroar weapons. Fenroar weapons allow you to create Terra Platforms of your own, which deal damage beneath them as they crumble.

New Technique Perk: Rushdown

Interrupting a Behemoth restores stamina and grants increased movement speed. At +6, Rushdown also temporarily removes all stamina costs.

Island Adventure: The Seed

Uncover the true reason the Farslayer Gardener has chosen Aulric’s Peak as a place to settle. Dive into the tangled history of Aulric Maas, a supposed explorer, and help recover a great treasure that once belonged to the Arbourhome Farslayers. Slayers can unlock this island adventure only by completing the Farslayer Gardener’s first quest series and unlocking the Reforge node on the Slayer’s Path. More small Island Adventures are coming in future patches. Each of these are intended to give Slayers new ways to uncover stories about the Shattered Isles, all while boosting weapon experience at key moments in progression.

Dire Discovery: The Story Continues

Kat’s fears have been realized. The Sporestruck Embermane has evolved, assuming a new, more powerful form: the Fenroar. Meanwhile, Granny Strega may have some knowledge that could help reveal more about the way Behemoths are evolving. If only she’d stop speaking in riddles!

Quality of Life

Dye Rumour Updates

All dye rumours have been updated to remove “Hand In” quest objectives. For each dye rumor, Part I is now:

  • Slay the Behemoth 10 times
  • Slay the Behemoth 1 time while enraged
  • Collect 2 Epic parts
  • Collect 5 Rare parts

For each dye rumor, Part II is now:

  • Complete 3 weekly challenges
  • Complete 3 silver bounties
  • Collect 500 Hunt Pass XP


Mission: Spore Problems

  • Fenroar now appears in this mission.
  • The spore collection stage of the mission has been reduced from 3 minutes to 90 seconds.
  • The buff granted by the spore collection stage has been adjusted to account for the time decrease.

Bug Fixes


  • Severed Phaelanx parts now fall and collide with the ground in a more stable manner.

Chain Blades

  • The description for the Serrated Blades mod in the Slayer’s Path now correctly matches the item’s description when viewed in the loadout screen.


  • The mission Spore Problems no longer disappears from the hunt menu when actively working on certain quests.


  • Part IV of the Shadow Scythe rumour chain now also counts Heroic Riftstalkers as intended.
  • Part V of the Shadow Scythe rumour chain now also counts Heroic Thraxes as intended.


  • Dyes can no longer be unlocked from the loadout panel without purchase.
  • The Champion’s Plate chest armour now performs better during motion.
  • A number of emotes with props now transition smoothly. -Titles now always appear as they should.

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