Ninjala's 11th season revealed, kicks off Sept. 28th, 2022

A Norse Mythology theme gums things up

08 September 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The latest dev diary for Ninjala has released, and it shares a bunch of information on what Season 11 has to offer. Season 11 is all about Norse Mythology, and it includes new stages, Gum Weapons, and Shinobi. It all goes live on Sept. 28th, 2022, and you can get full details on what’s heading our way below.

  • earn limited-edition Ninja Gum from the Ninja Gum Lab by furthering your research on each Gum Weapon
  • the new gum weapons in Season 11 are the Pow Wow Cannon and the Oedo Cannon
  • both new gum weapons are Punch-type weapons that specialize in mid-range combat
  • a new feature called Sticker Board will be added to the WNA Resort in Season 11
  • with Sticker Board, you can place your favorite stickers on various areas on the map
  • Ninjala Story Pack Volume 3 will go on sale Sept. 28th, 2022
  • Story Pack Vol. 3 is set in Croissant Arena where Burton battles against the Space Ninjas
  • earn bonus Research Points when you purchase Story Pack Vol. 3
  • a new feature called “Fitting Room” will be added to the Shinobi Shop in Season 11
  • in the Fitting Room, you can try on multiple avatar items in your cart at the same time
  • the new stage in Season 11 is the “WNA Junkyard”, based on a freighter ship
  • the New Shinobi Card in Season 11 is: “Drone Hustle”
  • by emoting at drone revival points, you can speed up the respawn timer of the drone

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