Masahiro Sakurai is back once again to share with us his wisdom, this time, he continues the introduction of the Kirby series. Last time, he talked about the development of Kirby’s Dream Land (which you can check here), and now he delves into the second installment in the series, Kirby’s Adventure, which was released in 1993 for the NES.

Bullet points from the video:

  • Sakurai was tasked with creating a Kirby game for the NES and not SNES because the company wanted the game to be developed and sold as soon as possible, as they were on the verge of bankruptcy
  • Sakurai faced a challenge on how to create a game to satisfy beginners and veterans at the same time, which resulted in the copy ability feature (swallowing enemies and taking using their abilities)
  • Kirby has the same number of pixels in both Kirby’s Dream Land and Kirby’s Adventure, which is why Kirby looks smaller on the larger NES screen. The difference in the aspect ratio made Kirby wider
  • Sakurai thought about removing the flying ability but decided against it in the end

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2y ago

Recently replayed this on 3DS. No contest, the most beautiful NES game, and the depth effects made it all the more lovely. They really pushed the hardware for all its worth in trying to get as much color out of it. Even putting aside how impressive it is from a technical standpoint, the artistry is also something else. Lots of little details in the backgrounds and environs that add texture and flavor to the experience.