Check out footage from the Splatoon 3 midnight launch at Nintendo NY

Inking the town green...and blue...and yellow...

09 September 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Splatoon 3 is now available on the Switch, and there’s no doubt thousands of you have already picked up the game. Some people wanted to celebrate the game’s launch in style, so they got together for a trip to Nintendo NY for a midnight launch! Obviously not everyone can attend these events, but thankfully we have some footage to see what it was like!

While recent events at Nintendo NY have been muted due to the pandemic, the event last night was much closer to what we’ve seen from previous launch events at the location. Plenty of people lined up at midnight to grab their copy of the game as early as possible, and they were dressed up in some lovely kid/squid attire.

Seeing people get together in person to celebrate a bit of Nintendo fun really puts a smile on my face, and you can tell the people who attended the event had an absolutely blast.

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