Earlier this week, we shared a note on Dispatch Games, one of the boutique retailers offering physical releases of Switch games. To keep a long story short, Dispatch Games struggled to release multiple titles, leaving customers with a little less in their wallets, and no games to show for it.

Recent developments made it seem like Dispatch Games had rode off into the sunset, and with customers’ hard-earned cash in hand. Thankfully, it now seems like customers will be able to request refunds for the releases they never received. Dispatch Games has taken to Twitter to share the following message, which includes refund info.

Anyone requesting a refund - We are going through as quickly as possible. There is so much to be said. We are working on a more detailed response to come out later today, but we are working on releasing the games.

[Dispatch Games]

As you can see, it also appears Dispatch Games will be sharing a message explaining their situation. Whenever that statement becomes available, we’ll make sure to share it in full with you.

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