The Monkey Island franchise is well-known for its impeccable sense of humor, which is something that’s quite hard to convey in the medium of videogames. Return to Monkey Island will no doubt offer up a ton of laughs, once again making it seem like delivering a funny game is a piece of cake. How on earth does the team behind the Monkey Island franchise nail humor in each of the series’ installments? Dev Dave Grossman spoke to Techraptor to share some insight.

“The key thing is to make [the player] part of the humor. So in a game like ours, the goal sort of has to be funny, and you the player are doing it to be funny. You can’t just have serious actions with jokes around them, that doesn’t kind of work. You have to involve the player in everything … You gotta kind of find a tone, and this game is, you know… sort of not quite slapsticky but there is a funny sheen on the surface and heart underneath it.”

[Dave Grossman]

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