The latest ‘Creating Games’ video from Masahiro Sakurai may be the least game-centric video of the series yet, but it might be my favorite. The topic is one I think we can all appreciate, and it discusses an approach I try to use myself right here on GoNintendo!

In today’s video, Sakurai talks about the importance of keeping a presentation speedy. Rather than rambling on about this, that or the other thing, it’s crucial to keep your presentation moving. Sakurai stresses that it doesn’t matter if you put on a long presentation, so long as the important information is focused on and things keep moving along.

We don’t have too many lengthy posts here on GN, as I like to keep the news short and sweet. I always aim to give you the important details with as little fluff and fuss as possible. I hope that’s an approach that you enjoy! I’ll keep the long-winded stuff for my reviews!

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