Red.Deer Games has announced that Space Raiders in Space is making its way to Switch on Sept. 16th, 2022. You can check out the debut trailer for this title above.

Space Raiders in Space is a wave defense roguelike mixing squad management and tower defense mechanics. Command your almost competent crew to loot weapons and supplies, build defenses, and fight their way through the Bugpocalypse.

Have your raiders scavenge materials from their surroundings and use them to design and build elaborate fortifications, hopefully keeping your crew a safe distance from the bugs’ sharp and stabby parts. With over a dozen defensives, there are many build strategies to explore.

Your crew is armed with enthusiasm and a bunch of weapons (assuming you have been looting), but not much intelligence. Issue commands to individuals or the group as a whole, then hope they know how to follow instructions. It’s up to you to tell them when to search, what to build, how to fight, and more. Or else they’ll all die horribly violent deaths, Probably that second thing.

There’s no word on pricing or file size for Space Raiders in Space at this time.

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