GoldenEye 007's online play is exclusive to Switch

Now that's a selling point!

13 September 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 8

Nintendo announced a slew of N64 games heading to the Switch Online N64 app, but the one that stole the show as GoldenEye 007. The title has been rumored for a return for quite some time now, and it’s great to see it finally coming to fruition.

While GoldenEye 007 was announced during a Nintendo Direct, the game is also going to be made available for Xbox platforms as well. That said, there’s one notable difference between the Switch and Xbox versions. Believe it or not, the Switch Online version of GoldenEye 007 will be the only one with online play.

Microsoft has confirmed a bunch of tidbits about the Xbox version of GoldenEye 007, but it was made clear that the online component is only available to those who play the game via Switch Online. That seems like a major get for Nintendo, and you have to wonder how something like that came about!

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Comments (8)


2y ago

Nice. Looking forward to proximity mines in Temple.


2y ago

Ironic that Nintendo get the only version with online play.


2y ago

That metroid logo/icon got me all kinds of confused, not going to lie...


2y ago

The authentic local experience online, only for Nintendo Switch


2y ago

I hope the switch version is at least slightly remastered


2y ago

🎶 You can't do that the Xbox. 🎶


2y ago

My issue when they say these games have online functionality is that they just mean the online feature built into NSO where you can play online with your Switch friends. It's not like it has matchmaking or some brand-new online lobby system like Splatoon or something. I feel like it's a slight misdirection.
Or am I wrong?

I had the same thought. ALL Nintendo Switch Online N64 games have “online play” just like their NES and SNES counterparts. This game - if it ever got announced for NSO - was of course going to have online play because it’s baked into the NSO retro apps.
There is zero chance this game specifically was remastered with matchmaking and lobbies.
Still, I have several friends I’m still in touch with who played this local split-screen in the 90s. You better believe we will be playing this online!