Crash your way into the Homecoming: Party at Titan’s Tower, Dimensional Ink’s all-new seasonal event for DC Universe Online that’s gone live today. This seasonal event features a bitter case of sibling rivalry between sisters Starfire and Blackfire, the Teen Titans, and a great party.

When Starfire’s sister Blackfire inherited the throne of the planet Tamaran, she exiled her younger sister on false charges to secure her place as Empress. Every year, Starfire travels to Tamaran to petition for her exile, and Blackfire personally turns her down and banishes her off-planet.

This year Starfire’s been banished right into a Teen Titan’s “Cheer Up, Starfire!” party and all players are invited. The event will feature carnival games, dancing, and sibling rivalry.

Blackfire’s on the attack and her goal is to totally ruin the Teen Titans’ shindig. Talk about a party foul! It’s up to players to battle the interstellar party crashers and make sure the party goes off without a hitch.

No party is complete without a few favors. The event features new rewards like the adorable Syl’khee accessory, Blackfire-inspired style items, and even shiny new crowns for all aspiring Homecoming Queens and Kings.

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