Warframe's Prime Resurgence program launches today

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14 September 2022
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Digital Extremes is sunsetting Warframe’s Prime Vault and evolving the rollout of Prime Warframes through the new Prime Resurgence program, releasing today for Switch. First introduced to Warframe players last year as a limited-run event, Prime Resurgence returns today as a permanent ongoing program in place of Prime Vault with major improvements based on an analysis of community feedback intended to streamline player access to the most powerful items and gear the Origin System has to offer.

Prime Resurgence introduces a new cadence of availability for Prime Warframes, Weapons, and Gear, making a new rotation of Primes available more frequently in Warframe as opposed to every three months in its now-retired Prime Vault program. Each month, players can look forward to two Prime Warframes and a subset of Prime Gear available to earn in-game or instantly unlock with Aya and Regal Aya respectively, beginning today with Wukong Prime and Equinox Prime.

Players now have greater access to visit Varzia Dax in Maroo’s Bazaar for Prime Resurgence items through a more easily accessible ‘Visit Varzia’ command available in the Void Relic Segment interface, instantly transporting players to Varzia to recover Prime Warframes and Gear lying dormant in Orokin technology. Warframe players also now have the option to skip visiting Varzia in Maroo’s Bazaar on Mars and can access Prime Resurgence via the Warframe in-game Market in their Orbiter.

Prime Resurgence is making it easier for Warframe players to earn the Prime gear they want for free by removing the randomization associated with Prime Vault and allowing players to purchase specific Void Relics for Aya. With Prime Resurgence, players can now complete select Warframe missions to earn Aya and exchange it for the Void Relics they want, instead of receiving random Void Relics as mission rewards. This improvement creates a more direct path for players to earn and build the Prime’s they want much faster than ever before. Additionally, players participating in Prime Resurgence will now have more flexibility in selecting the individual Prime items they want to purchase with Regal Aya. While bundles will remain available for players to purchase, Digital Extremes is now giving players the ability to pick and choose individual Prime items from bundled offerings to purchase with Regal Aya a la carte.

Prime Warframes, Weapons, and Gear can be instantly unlocked or earned for a limited-time during Prime Resurgence, letting players add the power and prestige of the Prime Warframe to their Arsenal. A Prime Warframe, Weapon, or Accessory represents technology as it was during the height of the Orokin Era and boasts superior performance and other advantages over its non-primed counterpart. Prime Warframes, in particular, offer increased base stats and additional polarity slots offering maximum customization, among other features like enhanced visual style and advanced weaponry.

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