Baba is You has been updated to version 1.09, you can check the patch notes below. Click here if you want to learn more about the game.

-Removed some unfinished translations from the game files until they’re more complete

-New level in Familiar Lands!

-Fixed (vertical bar) not showing in the hand-drawn font

-Fixed a small visual glitch in the main game

-Fixed a recursive submenu bug

-Fix to a cornercase where Fear would cause an object to move in a buggy way

Fixed Power not working with Level

-Added support for multiple Power/Powered words

-Fixed Seeing and Power not working together

-Fixed lua errors with Baba and Play

-Fixed broken Play notes

-Fixed some language file quirks

-You can now see the level code in the pause menu

-You can now see the level code when browsing the “Play Custom Levels” menu

-New level in Land of Vehicles

-Fixed a bug where the quickbar could have non-existent objects

-You can now enter level codes without the hyphen and the game will add it automatically

-Level Is Chill works now

-* added to the in-game font

-Fixed level numbering in Starry Lands

-The way conditionals are handled in the code was reworked heavily

-Fixed “Baba Play Not A” not disabling “Baba Play A”

-The pause menu buttons should now stretch horizontally if needed

-Added Cheese, Chair, Bomb & Table

-Fixed Level not working with multiple conditionals

-Fixed objects blinking annoyingly in 3D

-Fixed an Empty & Chill interaction

-Fixed an Empty & Facing interaction

-Fixed a bug where Empty Is Move would make Empty move randomly even when it shouldn’t

-Implemented some stuff for displaying Thai

-New level in Land of Oddities

-Implemented an optimization for Power/Powered that should speed them up a lot

-Another new level in Land of Oddities (thanks to Misshapensmiley for showing this variant idea!)

-A large optimization to sentences placed next to each other; something like “Baba Is You Rock Is Push” now separates the two rules earlier in the parsing process to prevent unnecessary processing

-Fixed a buggy interaction between Word & Feeling (potentially also Powered)

-Fixed Pull breaking if you pull more than 2 objects more than one tile at a time

-Added a drop shadow for signpost text

-Fixed a bug where Still objects could be Swapped in certain circumstances

-Fixed a bug where text stacked with letters could break rule parsing

-Fixed a bug where the outcome of a Powered condition check could be affected by particle effects

-Fixed signposts losing their text after being destroyed

-Fixed Not Without working differently from how it used to in how it handles multiple parameters

-Added some missing translations

-Fixed some oversights with word-wrapping

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