The DLC Season Pass for SD Gundam Battle Alliance has arrived, and it’s absolutely overflowing with content. The trailer above tries to cram everything into 4 minutes, but for a complete breakdown of what’s included, check out our notes below.

Season Pass

Unit & Scenario Pack #1: Legend & Succession

  • Additional Scenario Missions: “The Cursed Treasure” and “Destination of the Legend”
  • Additional Playable Units: “GUNDAM AGE-FX” and “Narrative Gundam C-Packs”

Unit & Scenario Pack #2

  • Two additional scenario missions and two additional playable units will be included.

Unit & Scenario Pack #3

-Two additional scenario missions and three additional playable units will be included.

Season Pass Purchase Bonus

  • “Assortment Pack Volume 1” – Limit-breaking materials for the first stage to further strengthen your units.

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