At the start of today, Konami revealed Suikoden I & II HD Remaster, a collection of the first two Suikoden games that will head to Switch in 2023. These games have obviously been reworked from a visual standpoint, but thanks to a new interview, we now know that the localization will be tweaked as well.

In an interview with IGN, Producer Yasuo Daikai said that these HD Remasters will allow them to work on the text and localization of the games, bringing them closer to the original Japanese scripts.

“Initially, for the original games, the size of the dialogue box was quite small and there wasn’t a lot that we could fit in there. Japanese is a language that can say a lot in a very short amount of space, but for English and other languages, you need a lot of space to say the same thing usually. So in this game we have expanded the size of those dialogue boxes, and that has let us retool and work on the localization to get us more in tune with the Japanese script.”

[Producer Yasuo Daikai]

Having HD remasters in the works is nice, but fans would also love to see a brand-new installment. Could anything like that happen? Daikai wasn’t willing to confirm anything, but he clearly has some interest in heading that direction.

“I can’t say anything specific right now but we didn’t really want to have an end with just the remaster. So yes, I would really like to keep making more Suikoden games in the future. So we hope all of our fans will root for us and support us, and we hope that we can deliver on those promises and you guys can enjoy them.”

[Producer Yasuo Daikai]

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