New Nintendo Directs always seem to light the internet on fire and thanks to Streams Charts we can see that the latest direct was no exception.

In an article breaking down the difference in viewership between the September 2022 Nintendo Direct and other gaming presentations from that time frame (State of Play, Ubisoft Forward, and Disney and Marvel Games Showcase) it was discovered that the Nintendo Direct achieved 2.1M Peak Viewers and nearly 1.5M Average Viewers.

Here’s everything Streams Charts had to say bout the Direct’s statistics.

In total, the broadcasts of the recent Nintendo Direct generated nearly 2M Hours Watched, over 83% of which was contributed by the YouTube audience. The gaming showcase was streamed on nearly 200 channels, with over 2.1M Peak Viewers and nearly 1.5M Average Viewers.

Featured in the top 3 by both Hours Watched and Peak Audience were Nintendo’s official YouTube channels in Japanese, English, and Spanish. At the same time, the Japanese-language broadcasts of the showcase outperformed the English-language ones in each of the viewership indicators. Standing out among the popular independent streamers who covered the event were the Frenchman Ponce, the Spaniards alexelcapo and elxokas, as well as the American Maximilian_Dood.

[Streams Charts]

Needless to say, Nintendo fans always show up for a new direct. If you want to see how the Direct compared to other presentations we highly suggest reading the article to get the full breakdown.

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