Stream Card prototype lets you stream PC games to your Switch

I'm getting Rainway flashbacks...

18 September 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 1

If you’re a PC gamer who would love to play your games on the go, the Steam Deck is a lovely solution. That’s what the device is made for, and the vast majority of games are supported. What if you don’t have a Steam Deck and you don’t feel like getting one? There might be another solution in the works, but it’s only in prototype form.

Seen in the video above, the Stream Card aims to let you stream your PC games to your Switch for remote play. This device is only a prototype so far, but it’s certainly enough to show off a proof-of-concept. Obviously, you’re going to need a pretty steady and strong WiFi connection to make this work, but for those who have dependable internet, this could be a viable solution.

The team behind the Stream Card is currently looking to pull in a manufacturer to partner with, so there’s a chance this project may never come to fruition. The setup was on display at TGS 2022, so hopefully some company out there saw promise in the idea and would like to make it a reality.

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2y ago

I still would love to see a solution materialise. There’s a few games on PC I have that I’d love to just kick back with the Switch in handheld rather than sit at the PC.