Red Art Games has announced that the digital version of Sophstar will see release on the Switch eShop October 28th, 2022. The game’s physical edition is coming soon as well, and will be up for grabs in a few weeks. Sophstar is a vertically scrolling Shoot ‘em Up developed on PC by Banana Bytes and ported on consoles by Red Art Games.


Physically, Sophstar will receive a couple of limited edition releases. The Standard Switch edition will be limited to 2,900 copies, and includes a double-sided poster along with the game card. A limited Sophstar Arcade Edition will also be released, and there will be just 99 copies made available. This version includes an exclusive poster inspired by Japanese Arcade posters and comes in a separate poster tube. Pre-orders for the two Sophstar physical editions are now up exclusively on the official Red Art Games online store.

Sophstar is a vertical arcade shoot’em up with heavy inspiration from the best games of the genre from the 90s, while adding new-exciting features and regular game modes for both casual home players and hardcore arcade fans. Sub-Lieutenant Soph has lived in Galanian for her whole life, having no memory of when her existence started, and no idea of how she developed her teleporting powers. But after being sent for a recon mission, all of what she knows about herself is about to change.

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