Countless game studios have commented on the situation between Russia and the Ukraine, and every single one of them sides with the people of Ukraine. We recently shared a statement from the Tetris Company that condemned Russia’s actions, but now we have comments from Tetris’ creator himself.

In a message shared with VentureBeat, Tetris creator Alexey Pajitnov spoke with great passion against Russia’s attacks on the Ukraine, and in support of the Ukrainian people. You can read Mr. Pajitnov’s full statement below.

“I am addressing to you, my friends and colleagues. The dirty bloody war running now in Ukraine is so awful that nobody could stay aside. The soulless crazy dictator, who started this evil, is a war criminal and will be stopped and condemned. It is very sad and shameful that the big part of people in Russia still do not realize that. I am sure that Putin and his hateful regime will fall down and the normal peaceful way of living will be restored in Ukraine and, hopefully in Russia.”

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