Mina the Hollower would look right at home on a Game Boy Color, and developer Yacht Club is very much going for that visual style. That’s what makes the next tidbit so interesting. It turns out Mina the Hollower couldn’t run on the Game Boy Color, as it’s using a 3D engine.

In an interview with Ars Technica, Yacht Club has revealed that Mina the Hollower is running on a new 3D engine that the company has built from the ground-up. Sure, the game may look 2D, but there’s a lot of technical wizardry going on behind the scenes!

“Under the hood, there’s way more in common with Breath of the Wild than Link’s Awakening. This engine is actually brand new, made from scratch by our team. That’s been our secret for the past five or six years—it’s being used to develop both this game and concurrently our unannounced 3D game.”

[Yacht Club]

While the Mina the Hollower detail is intriguing, it’s the unannounced 3D project that’s even more tantalizing. Yacht Club is hard at work on a 3D title and have been for quite some time. Now that they’ve shared that secret, let’s hope we get to see this game’s reveal soon!

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1+ y ago

I do like that GBC style. Reminds me of Links Awakening DX.


1+ y ago

Sounds like this unannounced game could be quite ambitious. It'll probably be some time before we see it though. Might well be after Mina the Hollower releases, and that's not until December of next year.