House of the Dead: Remake is shambling its way to the Switch eShop on April 7th, 2022, and it seems fans will have a couple of interesting ways to mow down the zombie hordes.

In an interview with Nintendo Life, developer Forever Entertainment confirmed that House of the Dead: Remake will allow players to gunsling with gyro controls, which will probably be the method most people will gravitate towards. Furthermore, a discussion of wielding dual Joy-Cons in single-player came up, and Forever Entertainment confirmed that’ll be available as well. They’re calling this option Cowboy Mode, and it’ll be added via a post-launch update.

Finally, those hoping for some sort of gun peripheral might be in luck. While nothing is 100% confirmed yet, Forever Entertainment did say they were working on some projects in that area, and said, “maybe one of them will come to life.”

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2+ y ago

I remember being terrible at this game in the arcade, not understanding how to play. I would love the chance to redeem myself. And dual wielding gyro controls sounds like the way to play.


2+ y ago

I sure hope gyro controls work well... I'm skeptical, because they lack the accuracy of the sensor bar. In any case it sounds like we won't be aiming down gun sights for precision shots like you could in the arcade.