Fangamer gets a new round of Bugsnax merch

Try to catch'em in your trap

23 September 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Bugsnax originally started out life as a PlayStation exclusive, but the game eventually found its way to Switch with all sorts of tweaks, and a fresh expansion as well. There’s no doubt plenty of Switch-owners out there who had a ton of fun with the game, and now those fans can enjoy some fresh Bugsnax merch via Fangamer!

Fangamer has just expanded their Bugsnax merch lineup with three new items. Above is the Kweeble plush, who is joined by a Cinnasnail plush as well. Both of these plushes are priced at $32. Along with that is a Bouncy Bunger pin, which you can pick up for just $12.

If you’re interested in making some (or all!) of these part of your personal Bugsnax collection, you can place your orders here.

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