How many times have you played a game that inundates you with cut-scenes and dialog boxes right from the get-go. It’s important to teach players the basic mechanics of a game at the start, but time and time again we see companies overdo it. Even Nintendo is guilty of this, but they’ve certainly moved away from that in recent years. Perhaps they’ve realized the error of their ways thanks to Sakurai!

Sakurai has put out yet another YouTube video, and this one goes over just how important it is for game developers to let players get into their games, rather than slowing down entry with story and more. You want gameplay to flow with the story content sprinkled throughout, as putting huge lore drops in-between tiny gameplay blocks can quickly frustrate players.

Out of all the features Sakurai has put together, this is the one I identify with the most. Just the other week I was playing something that never built up momentum due to story constantly being interjected. Nothing makes it tougher for me to get a feel for a game than that. Let’s hope developers take Sakurai’s words to heart!

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1+ y ago

Always better to be guided how to play through natural gameplay than specific tutorials.