No Man's Sky's version 4.0 update prepares the game for Switch launch

The sky's the limit for this Switch port

25 September 2022
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We don’t have long to wait for No Man’s Sky on Switch now, as the title is gearing up for launch on October 7th, 2022. While that date is just a couple of weeks away, there’s still a lot to be done, and that includes launching version 4.0.

In a series of tweets, Hello Games’ Sean Murray talked about the upcoming Switch launch and the version 4.0 update, both of which mark a serious achievement for the company. Of course, both included a ton of work as well. You can read what Murray had to say about the projects below.

No Man’s Sky Switch is releasing on Oct 7th - that’s really soon. Switch is our next big release and marks the moment No Man’s Sky ticks over to version 4.0. Switch is a real labour of love for us, and the whole team is fully focused on delivering that technical mini miracle

2022 has already been one of our most busy years to date with Outlaws, Steam Deck, Sentinels, Switch, Mac OS, Leviathan, expeditions + more. The focus of 4.0 is our Switch release, an opportunity to introduce a new group of players into our welcoming community. More will follow

[Hello Games' Sean Murray]

Just how much of ‘technical mini miracle’ will No Man’s Sky on Switch be? We’ll find out come October 7th, 2022!

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