The Armed Fantasia & Penny Blood Double Kickstarter has been a resounding success, and both titles will make their way to either Switch or Nintendo’s next platform, depending on how things line up. We’ve already covered a ton of information these titles, but there’s still plenty left to go over, including special plans for the Kickstarter’s end.

In honor of the double Kickstarter wrapping up, the dev team is going to host a special stream to share their thanks with supporters. Along with that, a backer-only concert will be held as well, but that comes one day after the Kickstarter ends. The closing stream will feature some amazing mini-games, Machida memes, and even new music announced by Armed Fantasia’s sound team Elements Garden. It’s also the only time you’ll get a chance to purchase the signed “Composer’s Dream” CD.

The backer-exclusive GOLDEN TICKET concert will feature live performances from Hirota-san, EBP’s Okamiya-san, and Kaida-san as well as a surprise guest Shoji Meguro-san. There will be interviews with a few special guests who will be contributing on the Composer’s Dream CD as well as helping with Penny Blood’s soundtrack. The team event teased appearances from a few famous developers behind other titles.

There’s a lot more going on to celebrate the Armed Fantasia & Penny Blood Kickstarter coming to an end, and you can get full details in the latest Kickstarter update here.

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