Wizard of Legend getting a content update soon

A legendary update

Wizard of Legend will be getting a content update in the near future to celebrate the game's second anniversary. You can get a full rundown of what the update will include below.

New Features

New NPC added at home that will allow you to save up to 3 custom loadouts
Run history added at home which records the best runs for the Chaos Trials, Boss Rush, and Endless Mode (walk up to and face new shelf on right hallway)
Party Chests added which spawn at a low chance and include predefined sets of relics and arcana
Added relic and arcana vendors before the final boss along with a short run up encounter
Following relics received headgear visuals: Chaos Visor, Shark Mask, Elven Ears, Jade’s Tiara, Berserk’s Helm, Gilded Helm, Graduation Cap
14 new standard arcana, including 4 new standard chaos arcana
12 new cursed relics
2 new combine relics


Enemies in the Chaos PvP Arena now level up with time
Disabled the ability to evade while hurt
Lowered Cyclops laser duration when player is hit
Summoner enemies now have a longer cooldown on their minion revive ability
Added an area of effect indicator to the Thunder Zoner enemies

Quality of Life

Boss Rush mode now also unlocks Chaos Arcana
Loadout NPC added to Versus mode
All stores now offer 1 more item in the line up. Health Potions in the relic store moved to the side to accommodate for the change
Savile now takes less HP when upgrading your outfit during runs
Chaos Arcana have a chance of appearing in the arcana store starting from loop 3 and above
Various price adjustments

Relic Adjustments

Bewitching Glue now lowers player’s movespeed and increases their stun duration when hurt
Ebon Wolf’s Cloak now lowers your damage for anything other than fire and lightning arcana instead of increasing your damage received.
Megalodon Tooth now adds a chance to not expend your signature charge when used
Shark Mask now causes signature arcana to take longer to charge but always results in a critical hit
Armor of Resolve now grants a bit more armor when activated
Whimsical Explodium’s chance to activate increased greatly and the radius of effect slightly lowered
Special Snowflake’s chance to activate increased greatly
Elven Ear’s chance to resist status effects increased
Greased Boots now enhances your dash arcana and lowers its cooldown
Bach’s Escape Key changed to resist death. Each subsequent chance is reduced on successful attempts
Hardcover Textbook increases HP of summoned minions instead of adding an extra minion
Soccer Cleats adds slightly more damage to movement arcana
Jumper Cables now significantly reduces more cooldowns on movement arcana
Yuna’s Storybook now significantly increases the duration of minion summon time
Adorable Mimic now counts itself in calculations

Arcana Adjustments

Gust volley shot speed increased
Severing Slash now works properly with Flak Gauntlets
Earth Stomp Agent now has less delay during their jump
Ion Spike’s enhanced version now spawns a trio of extra orbs
Vortex Dash now places a trap where you land that pushes enemies to where your dash originated

Bug fixes

Fixed issue where minimap could disappear in certain situations
Fixed issue in co-op where one player could affect the other player’s equipment or outfit menu
Fixed edge case with Abhorrent Deck that occurred when no arcana had been unlocked

Check out Robocop's Friendship move in Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath

Poppin' and lockin'

Robocop is making his way to Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath this week, and he's bringing all kinds of lethal moves with him. That said, he's still got some room for a Friendship! As long as you don't mind some spoilers, check out Robocop's Friendship in the video above.

John Wick creator working on TV show pitches for My Friend Pedro and Bendy and the Ink Machine

That would be bananas!

John Wick creator Derek Kolstad has obviously found massive success with that franchise, with multiple installments, a game adaptation, and more on the way. That success hasn't satisfied him though, as Kolstad is looking to create even more content. That includes some plans for TV show adaptations of games.

In an interview with Comicbook.com, Kolstad opened up about two game-to-TV show pitches he's working on right now.

"I'm going out with a pitch for a television series based on the My Friend Pedro video game, as well as for Bendy and the Ink Machine. I am playing any... It's funny, the reason I'm answering it this way, literally, I have these Post-It notes on my computer of, 'This is what I'm working on today.'"

Toonami reviews Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Tom knows what's up

Toonami is at it again with another game review, and this time they've focused on Animal Crossing: New Horizons. See what Tom has to say about the game in the video above.

Nintendo the most-seen gaming industry brand on TV for April 16th to May 15th, 2020

Nintendo does it again

The latest TV commercial info for the game industry has come in, and Nintendo once again dominated the airwaves. The Big N was #1 for April 16th to May 15th, 2020, and you can get the full details below.

- 413.9 million TV ad impressions generated by 14 spots that ran over 2,700 times
- most-seen ad with 150.9 million impressions was “How We Play: Mario Kart 8”
- networks Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, and Nick generated the highest impressions-counts
- top programs included SpongeBob SquarePants, Big City Greens, and Bunk’d

Over 50 questions answered about Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics

We answer over 50 of YOUR questions about Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics on Switch in our Q&A including unlockables, difficulty settings, how multiplayer works (both online and local), if there's voice chat, how it compares to Wii Sports & Wii Play, and TONS more.

Retailer who stated Metroid Prime Trilogy was coming to Switch back in 2018 updates their listing, now claims June 19th release

Second time's a charm?

Swedish retailer Inet.se started quite a ruckus back in 2018 when they shared a listing for the Metroid Prime Trilogy on Switch. At that time, they included a Feb. 2019 release date, which obviously didn't happen. When the retailer was reached for comment, they said they posted the info because they expected Metroid Prime Trilogy to be announced at that year's Game Awards.

Now we see that Inet.se is back at it again. The listing has been updated to remove mentions of the Game Awards from its "About" section, and now it shows a June 19th, 2020 release. While we would all love for that to be true, the retailer's shady past casts quite a bit of doubt.

Thanks to Sephiroth_FF and Dondom95for the heads up!

Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath "Meet Robocop" trailer

The long, metal arm of the law

Johnny's heard the legends of RoboCop since he was in diapers. On May 26th the epic saga continues with Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath! This new entry expands the critically acclaimed story campaign of Mortal Kombat 11 with an all-new cinematic narrative centered around trust and deceit. Joining the fight will be Mortal Kombat alumni, Fujin and Sheeva, and guest character, RoboCop, making his series debut.

Switch eShop file size round-up: Shantae and the Seven Stars, Minecraft Dungeons, and more

Make way for new games!

If you're a digital-first kind of Switch owner, you're always looking to make room for the next slate of games. That's why we're here to provide you file sizes! Plan ahead by checking out the next round of upcoming games and their sizes below.

Little Misfortune – 6.5GB
Edna & Harvey: The Breakout – Anniversary Edition – 3.5GB
Infliction: Extended Cut – 3.2GB
Minecraft Dungeons – 3.2GB
Potata: Fairy Flower – 2.2GB
Project Warlock – 2.2GB
Shantae and the Seven Sirens – 2.1GB
Let’s Sing 2020 – 2.2GB
The Takeover – 1.9GB
Indiecalypse – 1.4GB
Aery: Little Bird Adventure – 887MB
Genetic Disaster – 741MB
Climbros – 452MB
WildTrax Racing – 401MB
Awesome Pea 2 – 399MB
Depth of Extinction – 358MB
Despotism 3k – 282MB
Ailment – 129MB
F-117A Stealth Fighter – 129MB
Missile Command: Recharged – 95.0MB

Monolith Soft explains why they wanted to create Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition's Future Connected epilogue

For the future...

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is right around the corner, and it offers up something for newcomers and fans alike. Newcomers have a whole world to explore in the original game, and those who've played Xenoblade Chronicles already can enjoy the brand-new Future Connected epilogue.

In an interview with Famitsu Monolith Soft president and creator Tetsuya Takahashi explains why the team wanted to jump back in and make this content. Check out the translation courtesy of NintendoEverything below.

“With Future Connected, we’re able to draw in those who’ve already played Xenoblade Chronicles; moreover, there’s details there that connect to the future of Xenoblade. So we created it for two and a half reasons. Another rationale being we had an unused map from the main game, the Bionis’ shoulder, which was appropriate for the setting.”


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