Pokémon Co. and Takara Tomy have a long history of working together for all sorts of product releases. As a matter of fact, we learned about a unique food-based collab between the two companies earlier today. Oddly enough, that’s not the only food-related product these two companies are teaming up for.

Takara Tomy has announced a Poké Ball Yo-Yo Ice Cream Maker for Japan, and it’s set to arrive on April 25th, 2024. This Ice Cream Maker is priced at roughly $17.30 and it comes in either standard Poke Ball or a Master Ball designs.

While some might argue that the most fun thing about ice cream is eating it, others might find the act of making ice cream equally as fun. That’s what Takara Tomy is banking on, as their Poké Ball Yo-Yo Ice Cream Maker lets you combine ice, salt, water, and flavoring to make ice cream. It takes about 3 minutes of vigorous yo-yo play to turn your concoction into ice cream, or so Takara Tomy says. Depending on your speed of play and power it might take you a bit longer.

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