Harvey Atkin, voice actor for King Koopa in the Super Mario Bros. cartoons, passes away

Harvey Atkin, the unmistakable voice of King Koopa from the old Super Mario Bros. cartoons, has passed away. He was 74 years old.

For as long as I live, I'll always hear that voice in my head when I think about the show. I know the cartoon wasn't really all that great, but Harvey's voice was definitely one of the strongest and most memorable in the cast.

SEGA teams with IDW for the future of Sonic comics

Out with the old, in with the new. That was a really quick turnaround. Obviously the deal has been in place for quite some time now, but fans haven't had much time to process Archie being done with the comics. Thanks to FangztheWolf for the heads up!

Location of Japan's new Pokemon Center revealed

- opening a new Pokemon Center in Ehime Prefecture, Japan
- building built at Emifuru MASAKI, a 3 story shopping mall in Ehime
- set to open on September 22, 2017

Pokemon Company set to open another Pokemon Center in Japan (plus a tidbit on employee salary)

The Pokemon Company is looking to open another Pokemon Center in Japan. This info is confirmed through a job listing posted by the company. The thing is, the listing doesn't state where in Japan the Pokemon Center will be! Kind of hard to sign up for a job when you don't know where your place of work will be!

Speaking of work, ever wonder how much a Pokemon Center employee makes? Well we have that info, coming once again from the job listing mentioned above. The average employee makes anywhere from $26k to $44k a year, gets a Winter and Summer bonus, and a raise each year. Sounds like a pretty decent wage to me!

Nintendo Q1 2018 earnings report - no briefing for analysts/media

Coming from the Wall Street Journal...

Nintendo’s earnings briefings for media and analysts have often been an opportunity for the company to unveil what’s coming up next, but by custom the company doesn’t hold one for the first quarter, which a Nintendo spokesman confirmed would be the case this time as well.

This is just a reminder, as the blurb above says. Nintendo has been doing this with their Q1 results for quite some time now, and they're not planning to change it this year. As for when the Q1 2018 results will be revealed, that info comes next Wednesday.

Catfish documentary team set to bring Mega Man to the big screen

- “Catfish” directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman are in final negotiations
- the pair is looking to direct and write the script for a “Mega Man” movie
- this will come from Fox and Chernin Entertainment
- Fox-based Chernin was a producer on “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children,” “Hidden Figures,” “Snatched,” and “War for Planet of the Apes.”

Pokemon.com gets Chasm Crosser web game

Step 1

Anchors Away!
When raising your stick to drop on the next rock, try to aim for the purple anchor points on them. A direct hit on the anchor is worth more points than simply landing elsewhere on the platform.

Step 2

Combo Creator
The secret to racking up high scores is to land consecutive direct hits on the anchors. The first perfect shot is worth two points, the second is worth three, the third is worth four, and so on.

Step 3

Precarious Perch
There isn’t a lot of wiggle room when it comes to having a safe place for your Pokémon to stand, so take exceptional aim when landing your stick on a narrow rock.

Step 4

Sound Strategy
As you raise your stick, it makes a distinct clicking noise. These audio cues can help your timing as you determine how long you need to make your stick.

Play the game here

John Leguizamo turned down a role in Philadelphia to play Luigi in the Super Mario Bros. movies

We all have things we regret in life. Choices we've made that turned out to be not that great. John Leguizamo has quite a big one. He just revealed that he turned down a role in the Oscar-winning drama Philadelphia to instead play Luigi in the Super Mario Bros. movie. Leguizamo's career has continued on and brought him great success, but this one decision nags him to this day!

Koei Tecmo opening restaurant in Japan

- opening this August in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro
- called the Koei Tecmo Cafe and Dining
- will serve themed food and drinks
- will sell official goods
- the location will host promotional events for new games and Koei Tecmo’s internet talk shows

The latest Pokemon movie has a really surprising moment with Pikachu

I don't like to title posts ambiguously, but this time we're diving into some big spoiler territory. If you don't mind having a moment in the latest Pokemon movie spoiled, continue reading on!

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