Latest pictures of Japan's Super Nintendo World surface

The latest mock-up images and constructions pictures for SUPER NINTENDO WORLDwhich is due to open at Universal Studios Japan in time for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. A Mario Kart attraction is confirmed with a Donkey Kong roller coaster being considered.

Metroid EX: Samus & Joey manga creator looking to release all 12 chapters via a collection

Have you ever heard of Metroid EX: Samus & Joey? It was a 12-chapter spinoff manga of Samus and Joey, which ran via Comic BomBom back in 2004. The series followed Samus alongside Joey Apronika and Diesel, where the team worked together to retrieve her stolen Power Armor upgrades.

Would you like a chance to read these manga in a collection? The creator of the series does, and he thinks many others would as well. That's why he's looking to amass enough votes at Fukkan.com to get a trade released that collects all of this series in one place. Obviously a lot of other things would need to fall in place before this could happen, but hopefully that can happen if the vote gets enough traction.

Chansey becomes Fukushima’s official Pokemon ambassador

Fukushima prefecture in Japan has just received a brand-new ambassador. Pokemon Co. and the government of Fukushima prefecture have announced that Chansey is their new ambassador, with various Pokemon events set to run from March 16, 2019 to October 27th, 2019. Chansey will be on-hand for events including stamp rallies, tourism efforts, sale of exclusive Fukushima Chansey merchandise, and donation drives for earthquake victims.

Kirby Cafe closing down for 10 days to revamp

The Kirby Cafe in Tokyo, Japan is going to be closed for 10 days, starting February 18th, 2019. Those in charge of the Cafe are using this time to completely revamp the Cafe's menu, and bring in new merchandise as well. The Kirby Cafe has been a huge hit, with every single day seeing sellouts of slots. No wonder Nintendo is eager to keep this Cafe around!

Nintendo once again makes their latest Nintendo Direct a pre-roll ad on YouTube

Nintendo has been following a trend with recent Nintendo Directs, and that continues with the one we saw a few days back. Nintendo has turned the entire Nintendo Direct into a pre-roll ad on YouTube. The skip button pops up just a few seconds in, but you'd have to imagine that just a few people are going to stick around to see what Nintendo's got going on!

The Animal Crossing website went down for 20 mins earlier today

Will today's Nintendo Direct contain some tidbits on Animal Crossing Switch? It seems likely that the game will at least get a mention, but just incase you needed a bit more hope, here's a juicy tidbit. For roughly 20 mins earlier today, the official Animal Crossing website went down. Seems like there was some sort of maintenance going on or changes taking place. I guess we might find out what was up a bit later today!

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

New info on the upcoming Yo-Kai Watch! anime reboot, plus manga and toy details

Just yesterday, we learned that Level-5 was going to reboot the Yo-Kai Watch anime series with a new run called Yo-Kai Watch!. We got some details on the reboot already, but now we have some new tidbits from CoroCoro magazine.

- Nate is the exact age as in the original series
- Jibanyan, Koma-san, Whisper, Bushinyan, Orochi, Fubuki-hime, Kyubi, Robonyan F, Komajiro, and more will appear

That's not all CoroCoro has to share, though. They also have some info on the manga side of the Yo-Kai Watch, as well as the announcement of a new toy.

- the Shadowside manga will start including more gags starting this Spring
- a new watch toy will be released in late March, called the DX Yo-kai Watch Elder Ver. K (Nate's model)

Square-Enix producer retweets Nintendo Direct announcement

You know how it goes by now. When a Nintendo Direct is announced, Japanese developers who have content in the presentation usually retweet the announcement. Today's Nintendo Direct announcement was retweeted by Shinji Hashimoto, a producer at Square-Enix. Hashimoto has ties to Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and a handful of other Square-Enix properties. It's not a stretch by any means to imagine that Square-Enix will have some kind of content to showcase during tomorrow's Direct.

Pokemon Co. wants to know which of their characters you'd like to spend Valentine's Day with

When it comes to Nintendo in general, fans let the Big N know that there's no other character they'd rather spent Valentine’s Day with than Waluigi. Now the Pokémon Company is getting in on the action, and they want to know which if their characters you'd like to partner up with for the special day.

Pokemon Co. has chosen 7 male and female characters for fans to vote on. Which of these Pokemon cast members are the ones you'd most like to cuddle up with on Valentine's Day?


Lance – #ワタルにチョコをあげる
Morty – #マツバにチョコをあげる
Steven Stone – #ダイゴにチョコをあげる
Volkner – #デンジにチョコをあげる
N – #Nにチョコをあげる
Sycamore – #プラターヌにチョコをあげる
Gladion – #グラジオにチョコをあげる


Erika – #エリカからチョコをもらう
Jasimine – #ミカンからチョコをもらう
Flannery – #アスナからチョコをもらう
Cynthia – #シロナからチョコをもらう
Elesa – #カミツレからチョコをもらう
Korrina – #コルニからチョコをもらう
Lillie – #リーリエからチョコをもらう

Now that you have the names and translations, you can hit up the tweets above and cast your vote! You have until Feb. 14th, 2019 to get your vote in.

Nintendo NY announces 5 days of celebration in honor of 'Pokemon Day'

Nintendo NY is going big for this year's Pokemon Day. Why celebrate just one day when you can celebrate for a whole week!? Nintendo NY shared the above schedule, which kicks off the action on Feb. 27th, 2019. There's a whole host of Pokemon-related events, which is all capped off by a special Nintendo Treehouse Q&A!

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!