Thunderful Publishing has opened its own online store with various SteamWorld Quest and Fe vinyls for sale

Thunderful Publishing has opened up its own online store where players can purchase all sorts of goodies related to games published by Zoink Games, Image & Form, Rising Star Games, and other indie developers. The store is currently offering products such as vinyls for StreamWorld Quest and Fe, and future vinyls for Alwa's Awakening and Lonely Mountains: Downhill are expected to be released at a later date. For those interested in purchasing a vinyl, please note that they are limited in quantity, so it is advised that purchases be made sooner rather than later.

Pokemon the Movie: Coco getting an official companion podcast

A behind-the-scenes look at the film

The Pokemon Co. has announced that there will be an official companion podcast for Pokemon the Movie: Coco. This podcast is going to be hosted by Hisanori Yoshida, and it will feature behind-the-scenes details and secrets on the upcoming movie. The first episode is scheduled for Friday, October 9th, and the second comes October 16th, 2020. Guests slated for the podcast includes the movie’s director, Tetsuo Yajima, and longtime Pokémon voice actress, Shoko Nakagawa.

Nintendo looking to hire a 'spokesperson' in Japan

Speak up!

Nintendo has announced that they're looking to hire a spokesperson in Japan, but the role may not exactly line up with what we usually think of a spokesperson as.

According to Nintendo, this person needs to have three years or more of practical experience in corporate public relations, excellent Japanese writing ability, business level English proficiency. The employee will report to offices in Kyoto, and they'll be asked to formulate and execute global public relations strategies, build media relations, collaborate with spokespersons at overseas offices, create press releases and Q&As, and respond to media inquiries and interviews.

Game Freak changes their name to something closer to 'Game Maniac' in China

They're a maniac!

Here's an interesting tidbit about Game Freak's future operations in China. The company has filed for a new trademark for a name change in China, and the new name still retains the spirit of the original meaning.

Previously in China, Game Freak's name had the 'freak' portion spelled phonetically. Now the name has been changed to something that makes more sense in Chinese. The new name roughly equates to Game Maniac.

The writers behind Netflix's The Witcher: Blood Origin revealed

A very talented group

As announced back in July of 2020, Netflix is working on The Witcher: Blood Origin, which is a six-part, live-action limited series. We already knew that Declan de Barra, The Witcher showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, and the author of the books, Andrzej Sapkowski were involved. Now we know who else is stepping in to write the feature.

This feature is going to be penned by The Aaron Stewart-Ahn, Kiersten Van Horne, Alex Meenehan, Tasha Huo, Troy Dangerfield, Tania Lotia, and Pooja Gupta. This is quite the talented group of people, as they've offered their writing skills to shows like Swamp Thing, Carnival Row, Moon Knight, Snowpiercer, Mandy, Iron Fist, and more.

Over on the rumor side of things, we're hearing that Netflix wants to grab Jason Momoa as the lead for this prequel. We'll have to stay tuned to see if that pans out.

Pokemon Waku Waku Birthday Gift service getting revamped

Let the celebrations continue!

The Pokemon Company has announced that their Waku Waku Birthday Gift Service offered at Pokemon Center locations in Japan is about to get a makeover. The current service is set to end on Oct. 31st, 2020, but don't fret. A new service is kicking off the very next day. Details on what this service has to offer will be shared in the near future.

Pokémon TCG Deck Strategy: Sword & Shield—Darkness Ablaze Eternatus VMAX

Helpful tips for any player

Pokemon Co. is back with another feature to help out Pokemon TCG players both old and new. Today's segment shines a light on some of the newer cards out there, and details how they can be slotted into decks for some real competitive advantages. If you'd like to get a leg up on the competition, check out the feature here.

Pokemon Center Japan reveals Alcremie 'Matcha Cream' plush + edible matcha treats

Another Galar plush to add to your collection!

The Pokemon Company has announced some new products coming to Pokemon Center stores in Japan starting on October 3rd, 2020. Most importantly is a plush of the Matcha Cream form of Alcremie (which will also be available on Amazon Japan), but a few matcha flavored treats will be available as well. You can check out images of the individual items here!

Alcremie (Matcha Cream) Plush - ¥1,815
Pikachu Mini Gofuru (Matcha Flavor) - ¥540
Matcha Rusk Pikachu & Mawhip - ¥648
Ameya Eitaro Matcha Candy - ¥1,210
Pokemon Assorted Cookies (4 types) ¥1,296 (Available May 20th, 2021)

My Nintendo Japan and Nintendo TOKYO gets some new Super Mario 3D All-Stars merch

Only in Japan!

A few new Japanese exclusive Super Mario 3D All-Stars related products have been added to My Nintendo Japan and Nintendo TOKYO. Available for purchase now is; a mini towel set (¥2,200), rubber keychains (¥1,000 each), and a set of file folders (¥1,650) themed after the original box-art of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy! Check out the purchase link here for more pics.

Bandai Namco announces their TGS 2020 livestream schedule

Here are the plans!

Starting September 27 at 14:00 JST, Bandai Namco will host “TGS 2020 Online Bandai Namco Eight-Hour TV,” an eight-hour live stream featuring the latest information on the company’s upcoming titles.

14:10~15:00 JST
- Console Games Information Part 1
- Pro Baseball Famista 2020 (Switch)
- Katamari Damacy Reroll (Available on Switch & PC; coming soon to PS4 & Xbox One)

15:10~16:15 JST
- Console Games Information Part 2
- Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Maxi Boost ON (PS4)
- Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
- Jump Force Deluxe Edition (Switch; also on PS4, Xbox One, & PC)
- Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions (PS4, Switch, PC)

16:20~16:50 JST
- Kamen Rider: Memory of Heroez (PS4, Switch)

17:00~17:55 JST
- Sword Art Online Special Live Stream
- Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
- Sword Art Online: Alicization Rising Steel (iOS, Android)

17:55~18:50 JST
- Scarlet Nexus (Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC)

19:00~19:50 JST
- Mini 4WD Hyper Dash Grand Prix (iOS, Android)

20:00~20:50 JST
- Saint Seiya: Zodiac Brave (iOS, Android)

21:00~21:35 JST
- Little Nightmares II (PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Switch, PC)

21:40~22:10 JST
- Project CARS 3 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)


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