Mega Man 30th anniversary logo may have been leaked

A retail listing via Rakuten looks like it might have revealed the Mega Man 30th anniversary logo a bit early. If you look at the jacket, one of the arms has a patch that clearly shows off a 30th anniversary logo.

You know what would go nicely with this logo, Capcom? A new Mega Man game! A boy can dream, can't he?

Nintendo World Championships 2017 - Miami qualifying events outright cancelled due to Hurricane Irma's impact

Due to Hurricane Irma’s ongoing effects, Nintendo and Best Buy have decided not to reschedule its Miami qualifying round for the Nintendo World Championships 2017. The two remaining spots in the tournament will instead be filled by selecting the participants from other regions with the best non-qualifying times. Nintendo World Championships will take place Oct. 7 in New York.

Konami teasing something Bomberman related via their Facebook page

Looks like something Bomberman is going on. The Bomberman art in the image above goes along with Super Bomberman R, but we don't have any confirmation that's what this post is about. Speculation so far points to some reveals of new characters being added to the game. I guess we'll just have to sit back and wait for Konami to come clean on this one.

Famitsu reveals Excitebike, Urban Champion, and Wrecking Crew for Nintendo's Switch Arcade lineup

Based on this week's issue of Famitsu, a bit more information has been revealed regarding Nintendo's upcoming Switch Arcade service. On top of the previously announced games such as Mario Bros. and VS. Balloon Fight, Nintendo has also announced that Excitebike, Urban Champion, and Wrecking Crew will also be joining the lineup. The exact dates in which these games will be released is currently unknown, but more information may be revealed on September 27th when the first arcade game, Mario Bros., is released.

NIntendo stock hits highest point in 9 years

Nintendo stock continues to climb on the back of the Switch's success, and the market is reacting favorably. As of today, Nintendo stock has hit its highest point in 9 years. It still has quite a ways to go to match up with the Wii/DS heyday, but things are certainly looking good!

Yacht Club looking for 3D artist

Yacht Club is very well known for their work in the realm of 2D, but now the company is looking to hire someone familiar with 3D tech. Makes you wonder what the company is cooking up!

Nintendo Six Months Earnings Release scheduled for Oct. 30th

Looking for the next big date where we might get some info from Nintendo? Look no further than Oct. 30th, as the Big N is set to reveal their Six Months Earnings Release on that day. We'll get the usual sales info and commentary from Nintendo, but the event should be followed-up by the investor briefing, which is always where some juicy tidbits come from.

Kickstarter - Ukiyo-e Heroes: Boss Fights

The artisans working under Dave’s direction have been steadily increasing their skill level, and can now create prints of far greater complexity than was possible for earlier designs in this series. Our previous Ukiyo-e Heroes images were, for the most part, character studies - the images quite ‘classical’ and fairly restrained. We feel we are now ready to unleash the hidden energy in Jed’s brush, to take on quite a different challenge, so we now bring you Ukiyo-e Heroes: Boss Fights. Jed has fully embraced this opportunity we have given him, and has come up with some spectacular new creations - full of energy and conflict, top to bottom.

Kickstarter here (thanks Tony!)

Source Gaming further investigates Nintendo Direct's suspicious Smash Bros tags

So, according to Source Gaming's research, it seems like this is no accident! So, all the more reason to get hyped for the Nintendo Direct tomorrow! Here's hoping that all of this information is correct!

Japan - Pokemon TCG Station opening in Tokyo

- Pokemon TCG Station is a permanent event space for players who are looking to battle or talk about the TCG
- there will be official events organized by the staff at Pokemon TCG Station every single day
- a Pokemon TCG Concierge will be present at the station for players who want to learn more about the rules
- Pokemon TCG booster packs, sleeves, and other products will also be available for purchase
- the Pokemon TCG Station opens at Lalaport TOKYO-BAY (within Pokemon Center Tokyo Bay) on September 16, 2017
- operating hours are 10am to 8pm (Monday – Thursday) and 10am to 9pm (Friday – Sunday and Public Holidays)